An Essay on the Challenges of Adult Education

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Many adults are rushing back to school for varied reasons. Some require better skills to cope with the challenges at work. Others just need to fulfill long time dreams by learning something new. Either way, adult learning has many challenges, some of which the learners anticipated. I am going to discuss the major challenges of adult education and give a few recommendations on how they can be overcome.

Classroom setting

As an adult learner you will realize that the ease with which you grasped concepts during your youth is no longer part of you. This should not deter you. Many adult learners struggle to comprehend the concepts being taught in class and they wonder what happened to their brains? However, with age, the brain slows down a little bit and you are excused for not grasping content as fast as you used to. Furthermore, as an adult learner your mind is crowded with so many other responsibilities besides education. This gives little room for concentration in class. You can make up for this by reading in advance and asking for clarity where need be.

Time constraints

Adult learners will find it difficult to balance between their tight schedules. This is because they have so much to do. Most of them have family obligations, career duties and other social responsibilities to attend to. This makes it difficult to commit solely to education. If you do not plan your time well, you will end up with conflicting schedules and some of your responsibility areas will suffer greatly. You can avoid this by planning ahead of time and sticking to your schedule. Taking leave from work might also be helpful.

Financial constraints

Sometimes because of the financial obligations to family adult learners may lack sufficient funds to pay their tuition fees. This can be stressful and many adults have had to forfeit their education so that their children have the best. You can ask your institution to allow you to pay the fees in installments. You can also ask for financial and training support from your employer.

Balanced social life

It is the desire of all adults to have a balanced life and fulfill all their responsibilities. As an adult learner you might find it difficult to keep up with your social calendar. Assignments may take up all your leisure time. With theses and dissertations to write, adult learners may have very little time to spend with family and friends. You need to set aside at least two hours a week during which you can just hang out with family and friends. You can also make your loved ones come to your place so that you reduce amount of travel. If you do not do this you might risk losing your loved ones by the end of your course. These are just but a few challenges that you may expect as an adult learner.

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